Day One

I was re-reading last year's Reflection/Resolution post and evaluating the progress I made this past year. 2013 seemed to be nothing but work and rejection. Even the high points of the year, my time at Pocosin Arts, my workshop at Peter's Valley and my trip to Amsterdam, all seemed to center around work.

But looking back at my goals, I'm surprised at what I did manage to accomplish, or at least make progress on. Most of them, the reading, the writing, the blogging, the discipline, I plan on continuing to work on in the new year. Last year I would have long strings where I would complete all or most of my daily and weekly assigned tasks, and long strings where I fell off the proverbial wagon.

There was also a certain amount of flex to these tasks which included everything from taking a walk once a week to stretching 15 minutes a day. Things changed based on schedule and location and need. I think that's the keep to success with resolutions. Remain flexible and remember that everyday is the chance to start again.

I plan on sticking with the same goals of reading more, writing more, and blogging more, and using these as a vehicle to become more disciplined. I haven't figured out all the details, but I know it includes reading one poem a day, writing one poem a day, and learning one new Latin word a day. I'm also going to put a more concentrated effort in to reading about art. A new goal is to play more, especially in the studio, and to not feel guilty about it. Another goal I've been thinking a lot about since Sieraad is more researching and less striving. Maybe more on that later.

So I'm off to read my poem, learn my Latin and pick up a book. Here's to another year in the trenches. Cheers.