Maker Crush Monday

This week's Maker Crush is Hanna Liljenberg, a Swedish jeweler whose inspirations come from a combination of natural and industrial sources. She mentions both barnacles and iron in her artist statement, two things which I'm all about. These images are all from her Sherds series. I love these, because they so obviously speak to my geological sense, looking like mica or gypsum. They're made from balsa wood, paint and lacquer, but she manages to fool me into thinking they are stone. Or perhaps I just want them to be stone. I'd love to see these works in person.

Liljenberg's other works have a similar sensitivity in repetition and form, and most works consist primarily of materials other than metal, such as paper. Many appear large, yet lightweight. Each series has a simple, poetic name, such as Yearn, Vesture  and Pieces of Sleep. She also does figure drawings with a great gestural quality that I'm more than a little jealous of. Liljenberg runs a gallery called Four in Sweden with three other contemporary jewelers.


You can check out her website here.

You can check out gallery Four here.

Thanks for reading! Happy Maker Crush Monday!