Beach Thanksgiving

I have been doing a little metalsmithing, but I can't post any process pictures since I still might use what I'm working on as Christmas gifts. And I mean a "little" since I'm combating a mountain of paperwork and a complete lack of energy. Not a good combination, but typical "end of semester" feelings that I'm quite familiar with by now.

I did take time out to go to the beach Thanksgiving Day. It was chilly and lovely and collecting was good. I even found some living things: a large clam the size of my hand and a whole, complete, wiggling sand dollar.

I love the cold and desolate beach in winter nearly as much as the warm water, warm sand beach in summer. I love that since moving to North Carolina I've been able to experience the beaches at nearly every time of year. I think about my favorite beach moments, and most of them happened bundled up on a dissipated profile. (The profile of the shore changes from summer to winter and back every year. It's science.)

I hope that you all have an equally lovely Thanksgiving Holiday, and that you're hanging in there, whether you're facing the end of the semester or the ramped up retail season.

Happy Weekend.