Catching Up

Sorry for yet another long absence from the blogosphere. I'd been treading water at work for weeks and then an emergency trip to PA put me way behind. This weekend was devoted to catching up on school work and a commission that I'm not really making any money on. Sigh. When will I learn to charge what I'm worth and not what I think the customer will pay?

I finally finished up some pieces I'd had hanging for the faculty show at PCC. I even managed to start a piece on Tuesday during my class and finished it that Friday as the show was going up, because I am a crazy person. I like the direction this new work is heading. It feels very connected to NC. I also love that I can make jewelry out of dead bugs and bottle caps I find in parking lots.

I haven't had a chance to photograph my work all set up for the show, but I will this week. If you're in Winterville, NC, by Pitt CC campus, you can check out the faculty show up in Goess Center.

Happy Monday!