Process Shot of the Week

Made a lot of progress today on my piece for the Red Spider Lily Show coming up at the Baxter Gallery in January. I really struggled with an idea for this piece. I finally came up with a brooch last week, but left the setting in the pickle at school on the last day the studio was open. Oops. I came up with another idea, which I actually think in better. And since I can't get to a torch before the piece is due, I had to go all cold connections. It's going to be a pendant, strung up with some flashy glass pearls and a piece of glass found in the Trent River. The pierced design is loosely based on the iron work found around town.

The red spider lily comes in behind the pierced part. It's a small water color I managed to cobble together. I'll post pics of the finished pendant tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!