New Space!!!

I've finally made some forward progress and moved into a new studio space last week! My space is in the old City Laundry Building in the Historic District in New Bern. The building is fantastic and has a ton of character. There's no heat, no air conditioning and my overhead light doesn't work yet (that's why all the photos are a little dark). But my space is HUGE, and the adjacent space has a big skylight. I have one outlet for now, and there's no way to vent, so I'm not sure if I'm going to set up my torch. So far, I'm sharing the building with some sculptors/woodworkers and a community group. A pottery group might be moving into another part of the building soon.

I moved all my metals and paper stuff last week and then moved some furniture in over the weekend. I got a "church table" at the Salvation Army for $45. It's a good size and has "In Remembrance of Me" carved into the front. Considering my interests in spirituality it seems a perfect fit. I also snagged an old school marm desk at my favorite antique store for $40, and a friend of mine did a PHENOMENAL job refinishing it. I'm sorry I don't have any "before" pics. It's serving as my jeweler's bench. I got some drawer liner with pretty yellow flowers and it makes me happy every time I look at it.

So, it's not perfect. It's hot and stuffy and a little dark and I keep getting mosquito bites, but it's mine and I love it. I spent last evening there working on some charms and postcards for an upcoming sale. I can't wait to settle in and start making some serious work.

Thanks for reading!