Maker Crush Monday

I know I've written a bit about Kaija Rantakari and her shop/blog Paperiaarre, but I wanted to feature her in today's Maker Crush Monday, because I'm just so enamored with her work. I love her books which are impeccably crafted, and most incorporate vintage lace or linens, or metal accents. As with Raissa Bump's work, I think I'm drawn to this combination of minimalism, subtlety and texture. With her books, I'm also intrigued, because for all their visual simplicity, I can't figure out how they were made with my limited book making knowledge. This is a level of bookmaking I hope to achieve some day.

I was first introduced to Rantakari and Paperiaarre though her matchbook art. I was even inspired to make a few of my own, with mild success. I love the objects she uses, a case of similar aesthetic, I think and also by the strange, vague narratives they contain. They're a wonderful combination of collage, 3 dimensional objects, images and poetry. Concrete enough to have a story, but aloof enough to leave room for viewer interpretation.

You can check out the Paperiaarre blog here.

And the shop here.


Thanks for reading!