Studio Stuff

My camera charger vaporized into the 5th dimension somewhere between NC and PA, and I finally ordered a replacement when I realized it was never coming back. I don't have a smart phone, so not being able to charge my camera threw a real kink into blogging, but now I'm back on track and have lots to catch up on.

I've made a few modifications to my studio space; adding another table, and re-arranging this and that, papering tables. It's coming together slowly but surely. The biggest and best change though, was getting my overhead lights fixed. Instead of one, non-working fluorescent light, I now have two working ones.

I spent most of last week working on book stuff, because that's what I felt like working on, and feeling guilty about ignoring my jewelry practice. That went on until Thursday, when I started fiddling around at bench and then wound up making a piece. I always go back when it's time to go back. The bottom image is one of my book pieces in process (needs covers). I'll be posting the rest of my progress later.

Thanks for reading!