I'm sorry I haven't been blogging lately. I have some big announcements to make, and not really sure how to make them. And the longer I put it off, the harder they seem to make. And I don't feel like I can blog about anything else, until I make said "BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS".

So here goes. . .

Announcement #1:

A few months ago I was invited by the American Craft Council to participate in their new Hip Pop program for emerging artists. Hip Pop is designed to be an affordable and supportive way for artists to start exhibiting with the ACC. So I decided to take this opportunity and will be showing at ACC Baltimore, Wholesale and Retail, February 18-22.

I've been to the ACC Baltimore Show a few times, but it's been several years. It's a big and overwhelming show, and after my Sieraad experience, I'm worried about keeping my energy up for the duration of the show. Of course, I'm also worried about the financial end, but I'm trying not to be.

I've added a ACC Preview section to the website here, so check it out. My booth number is 4807-4. Hope to see you at the show!

Announcement #2

Immediately following ACC, I'll be packing up my stuff, leaving my beloved North Carolina, and moving back to Pennsylvania. I've accepted a full time position at the Brockway Center for Arts and Technology. I've been working with them for about a year and a half on setting up their metals studio, and now I've been hired to run it. I'll be mainly working with high school students in the after school program, but there will be adult classes and classes though the local community college as well.

I'm excited, nervous, sad, and happy all at once. I'm going to miss North Carolina so much, but I'm so relieved to finally have a full time job. It's a great opportunity, but I'll miss all my co-workers at Pitt Community College. I'll be closer to my family, but further from most of my friends as well as the significant man in my life.

Also- winter. I haven't dealt with a real winter for 6 years. Also- I live an hour from the beach where I am now. Also- there's no Target where I'm headed. Not even close. It's not like I live in a bustling metropolis now, but I feel like I'm headed to the Hinterlands.

But I'll get to focus on teaching metals, which I dearly love.

So there you go. What's going on with me. So many conflicting emotions, stresses and anxieties that I don't even know how I feel most days. I'm just trying to focus on making work and enjoying every bit of NC I can before I go.

So changes are a'comin'. Thanks for sticking with me.