Call for Collaborators

I'm more than halfway through my Works on Paper project for the year (meaning we're also halfway through 2018, um, what?). The first six months have been both fun and challenging, and I've been brainstorming parameters for the remaining months. I'm most excited about the theme for November, but I'm going to need some help.


November's theme is going to be Collaboration. What I'm looking/hoping for is for a wide range of artists to provide me with a starting point: either source material, or a piece to finish. This can be collage materials you've carefully selected, a drawing that you've starting, marks on a page, a poem you've written, as long as it's something that reflects both your sense as an artist/maker AND that I can expand on in some way.

Additional Rules:

  • Since November has 30 days, I'm in need of 30 pieces. The order I receive pieces in will determine the order in which I complete them. No verbal agreements. The first piece I have in my hands will be slated for Nov. 1, the second for Nov. 2, etc. If your piece is not one of the first 30, I'll try to get to it in the future, but no promises.

  • I will continue to post images of the finished works on Instagram, and for this theme will also include the "before" pic of what was sent to me, as well as tagging and crediting the collaborating artist.

  • Collaborating artists are responsible for shipping works to me.

  • Collaborating artists will receive the finished collaborative work. I will be responsible for shipping the finished work back to originator. I'm more than happy to arrange drop off/pick up for anyone local who wants to participate.

  • I will not be limiting my materials or processes in any other way for this theme. I reserve the right to cut, paste, glue, print, paint, stitch, draw, dye, cover in glitter, or any other thing I can think of whatever is sent to me. Don't send me anything you're super attached to, or anything you have a concrete idea attached too. My ultimate goal is transformation.

I'm super excited about this theme. I think it will be a great way for me to step out of my comfort zone and really stretch. But its success rides mainly on my collaborators. If you would like to take part, (and I hope you will), please email or direct message me for further details, or if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading!