Back to Square One

So I did it again. I went months and months and months without blogging. Where I am today is so very very different from where I was then.

The time since my last post has been full of amazing experiences, incredible people and beautiful moments. It's also been full of sadness, loss, anger, and frustration. I had a job that sounded perfect on paper. I had a job I'm sure lots of people in my situation would kill to have. But in reality, it made me miserable. It affected me physically, emotionally and spiritually. So, for the second time in my adult life, I made a drastic change and left a situation that wasn't serving me. For the second time, I uprooted my life and moved to North Carolina.

I'm back in Greenville, back to a life that's very similar to the one I have before I moved to PA. I'm teaching at community college. I'm starting a life with my partner. I'm focusing on my studio practice and making everyday. I have two sweet brown dogs to lavish attention on. I have a small space in which to create. I have wonderful friends who were sad to see me go, but I also have wonderful friends who were glad to see me come home.

I no longer have a salary. I no longer have health insurance. In reality, my financial situation is a little touch and go. But I'm no longer waking up at 5 in the morning, teeming with anxiety. I no longer have a sense of dread set in Sunday afternoons, facing the prospect of another work week. 

My goal is to get back to blogging on amore regular basis. I've been in transition for nearly two years, and the work has also, but I'm finally starting to feel things coalesce. Check back to see where the coming months take me. As always, thanks for sticking with me, and thanks for reading.